Maasai Families

The Maasai of Tanzania

The Maasai are one of approximately 120 indigenous tribes in Tanzania. Predominantly pastoral, they are likely the best known tribe internationally.

We traveled to the Arusha region of Tanzania in 2019 to volunteer at Yakini School, a school dedicated to supporting children coming from extreme poverty, physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. While there, we were asked to join an initiative to support Maasai families in the area suffering from extreme financial hardship.

Our hope was to use portraits of the families to begin fundraising internationally. The ultimate goal was to develop a program that would provide new sources of income for the wives and children of fathers who had passed away. When the father of a family passes away, the widow and her children are often left destitute.

This initiative is currently on hold; we hope that it will restart sometime in the future.

We share these images with you to provide a small window into the life of the proud Maasai people who we were privileged to meet.